Liver Information Centre

This website is a collection of information about the liver. Here you will find information on the functioning of the liver, its structure, diets, research, and, what is important to know, the common symptoms of liver disease and what can induce them. It also highlights the most common liver diseases, as well as their characteristics, symptoms, and treatment.

Human liver

A liver of a healthy human

The liver is one of the organs, without which we cannot live. Therefore, it is important to take care of it and to prevent damage. Moreover, in the event of symptoms manifestation, you should know how to behave. The liver has no sensory nerves, which is why, despite the damage and lesions, it does not hurt. It is crucial to recognize other symptoms suggestive of liver damage, since liver disease can develop without any manifestations over many years.

Although the liver is able to regenerate, in the case of heavy and long-term toxic effects and damage, the liver often becomes incapable of regeneration.

It is worth mentioning that the liver disease symptoms are often not specific. As a result the liver disease can manifest itself as a completely different disease.

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